Luke Norman Thornton 1954-2020

It is with heavy hearts that we share a collective loss in the vibrant, gentle, and generous soul of Luke Thornton, who recently passed away in Los Angeles, California.

Luke’s life journey brought him to his ultimate endeavor: co-founding and building Believe Media with his life and business partner, Liz Silver. Together, as executive producers, they became a beacon for visionary talent, and produced an anthology of cultural moments.

A pioneer of the music video, Luke witnessed the medium transcend videos played in the windows of small London record shops to become a worldwide cultural phenomenon which he had a hand in shaping. Over the course of his career, Luke produced music videos for artists from Sade to Pink Floyd, David Bowie and Adele. Among his many talents, he had a knack for zeroing in on directorial genius. He sought like-minded connections, and cultivated industry relationships which doubled as kindred spirits.

While Luke was a man of many successes, to his creative community, family and friends, Luke is much more; an individual, as defined and unique as one could hope to be. Luke crafted a soundtrack to his life, gravitating to the avant-garde music of Sigur Rós, Massive Attack and Radiohead, and finding a home both in packed concert arenas, and on the west coast of Ireland, at the childhood house he treasured. Luke grew up in the Sri Lankan country- side and in England. where he learned to fly-fish — memories that were dear to his heart, and which he would share on fishing excursions with close family and long-time friends. A notably stylish dresser, scarf perpetually dangling from his neck, we all knew that Luke was, at heart, a family man, who profoundly loved his four daughters, Michelle, Gemma, Chloe and Penelope —and his grand-daughter, Serenity.

Although he left a footprint in almost every corner of the world, his most simple pleasure was the one we all long for: human connection. Such was Luke’s magnanimity that he could sit with anyone, regardless of where they ranked in the pecking-order of life, and share a genuine moment. For us, even the shortest time spent with Luke was often unforgettable.

As days of grief are met with days of comfort, we find peace in the knowledge that Luke brought joy to many lives. We will hold him close until we meet him again, knowing that wherever we hear laughter, Luke is there.